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Gold Dore Bars are rough gold typically about 80 percent pure gold. After mining these bars, the bars are then sent to our refineries where they are processed to produce various sizes and purity of gold at a minimum of 99.5% pure gold. usually refine all the gold dore bars we mine in our own refineries although occasionally we may sell them to other refineries.

Pure Gold Dore Bars, Buy Gold Dore Bars Online mine and refine these bars in our own refineries and these Dore bars accommodate 98.5% of pure gold (according to a certificate of research at origin) in Hong Kong. These bars would like more refinement before they will be used for manufacturing totally different things. Therefore, they’re neither more nor bullion, these are simply metal bars with a high content of gold.

Gold Dore Bars Price Per kilogram

Gold Dore bars price is quite cheap in most african countries because in these bars purest type of gold is employed. These Dore bars contain 23+ carats gold (according to the certificate of original analysis).

Gold Dore Bar Hong Kong And China Market

They are assessed for their gold content. The market of the gold bar is extremely tiny, and it’s restricted to few consumers, specialist dealers, and refiners. That’s why dore bars for sale aren’t commanding to any specific standard and their standard vary from refiners to refiners. The load and purity of the gold also vary from refiner to refiner, a number of these bars will weigh the maximum amount as 25kg.

Where to buy Gold Dore Bars online from trusted vendors

For easy use, it’s common for miners to part refine the ore they manufacture. During this approach, any waste that has no additional use will be removed whereas reducing the output to manageable compact bars. During this method any dirt, rocks are removed, effort one chunk of gold. The ensuing mixture is brought up as dore bars. The most reason for form dore bars is to assist handling by presently managing larger chunks of auriferous amalgam, instead of loose particles. The gold bars are pure enough and enormous enough for gold refineries to handle. These bars are simple to handle as compared to having all types of different loose stuff.

Gold Dore Bar vs Bullion

Gold Dore Bars aren’t bullions nor ores. They’re simply a chunk of high gold content valuable amalgam.

Product Description

  • Product: Dore bars(gold)
  • Purity: 99.5% gold
  • Fineness: 23+ carats
  • Packaging: internationally accepted metal boxes
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Material: 99.5% gold and zero.5% silver
  • Surface finishing: gold plated


The gold chunks we offer are 100% genuine and legal. Its shininess and brightness imply emitting finish is the symbol of its top-notch quality and narrates its authenticity as well. We deliver gold dore buyers’ products after executing plenty of tests so as to ensure its top quality. Our products are pure and totally purified.

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