Our Services


Gold Mining

We mind gold in all forms and also refine them to various quality levels depending services  on current demands and contracts. Our gold products include Gold Nuggets, Gold Dore Bars, Gold Bars and Gold Dust. You can learn more about our gold mining and export activities on the homepage of our website.

Gold Trading

All the gold we mine are either sold directly or taken to our refineries where they are refined before selling. We also sell gold forms that are acquired as a result of refinery left-overs such as gold dust. We are a duly registered gold mining company. We can help you acquire a exit Buyer’s Permit and order gold from our company.

After Sales Services

This is one of the areas where we truly stand out. We believe that retaining customers and making repeat businesses tremendously cuts down on advertising and publicity cost while enabling us maintain high credibility. That is why transactions don’t just end with a sale but we proceed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Raw Gold Bars For Sale


Green Mining

As stated on our Corporate Social Responsibility page, we do everything possible to give back to the people without any legal obligation as a sign of good faith. But this doesn’t stop us from reviewing our mining practices from time to time to minimize the negative impacts on these communities. Our mining operations are environmentally friendly. We also provide other mining companies services aimed at making them engage into green mining as we do.

Sustainable Development

Closely related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Mining, Our commitments include;

  • Addressing the environmental, economic, health and social impacts and benefits of mining throughout their life cycle, including workers’ health and safety;
  • Enhancing the participation of stakeholders, including local and indigenous communities and women;
  • Fostering sustainable mining practices through the provision of financial, technical and capacity-building support to developing countries and countries with economies.