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Buy Gold Bars CIF

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as a well reputed Local miners and exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets and Diamond. We deliver on CIF Terms, Seller pays all export charges. Our offered gold bars are available in different shapes, sizes and carat as per demand of clients. The gold bars that we supply are procured from trusted sources and made of 100% pure gold. We currently have pure gold in various forms, Gold Bars, Gold Nuggets and Gold Dust. Buy Gold Bars CIF

Below are Commodity Specifications:
1. Commodity : Aurum Utallium (AU)
2. Form: Gold Bar / Gold Dust / Gold Nuggets.
3. Fineness : 99.99%
4. Purity : Carat 24
5. Price : $25,000 per KG
5. Origin : Cameroon, Ghana, Congo
6. Quantity : From 10-1000kgs or more.
7. DELIVERY: Buyer’s designated destination refinery.

Optional Information

– Minimum Order : 10kgs
– Packaging : Approved Export Metalic Boxes
– Inspection : Buyer’s refinery at Buyer’s destination country.
– Remarks : We have reliable and flexible transaction terms.
– MANDATE COMMISSION: Fee $3000 per KG. Buy Gold Bars CIF

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