Gold Dore Bars

Monthly Supply: 100 kg/12 months (R&E)
Quantity: 100kgs
Quality: 22+ karats
Purity: 97% +
Finesse: 22+

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Buy Pure Gold Dore Bars

Gold bar also referred as gold bullion or a gold ingot and is measured in Troy ounces. Gold is shaped by bar producer meeting standards conditions of manufacturer, labelling and record keeping.

If you’re looking to invest in physical gold at the minimal possible price per ounce, there’s no better option than gold bars. Coins may be more eye-catchy, but all that manufacturing and packaging comes at a price. Whether you choose from our 01 KG bars or other Gold bullion collections, you will have an investment many consider a safe-haven.

Gold bars are regarded as a good investment because typically Gold Bullion is a natural hedge to the equities market. Gold is not used as a currency today, but its role as money makes it superior to any currency.

Proper stamping and a recognized hallmark mean you’re getting a reputable gold bar. Gold bars are one of mankind’s most definitive forms of money—they’re a tangible asset, are highly liquid, and will protect your portfolio from financial crises.

99.5% Pure Gold Dore Bars For Sale

Since it is difficult to obtain and extract pure quantity of gold from trustworthy resources, our mining partners are specialize in exploration and mining of gold. We are an established Gold Bars manufacturer, suppliers and exporters.

With our production capacity of more or less 100kgs of gold every month and a reserve of approximately 01 TON, we ensure quality and low cost operation management. Gold Bars for sale is available here!

High Grade Gold Dore Bars Cif

Gold mines produce gold dore bars which are sent to a refinery where it is refined into different forms and purities. The gold standard is that it must be at least 99.5% pure gold. The refined gold is then sent to the gold bullion banks.

We assist in the trade of Pure Gold Dore Bars. The transaction is managed exclusively and securely within the confines of the banking system. We take care that the transaction conforms with the applicable laws and international standards. Gold dore bars price per kg

Gold Dore Bars

Offered by us in several specifications, our products are in complete compliance with the quality standards. Due to our streamlined packaging system, we are capable of meeting both standard and customized packing needs of the clients. Moreover, we make use of quality packaging material. Pure Gold Dore Bars

Natural Gold Dore Bars

Enriched with long years of meaningful experience in the respective industry, we are able to Supply an extensive stock of Natural Gold Dore Bars

Material Raw Gold
Shape Rectangular
Color Golden
Purity 22+ Carats, 98%+
Dimensions 1 KG

Gold Dore Bars Wholesale Suppliers

For easy use, it’s common for miners to part refine the ore they manufacture. During this approach, any waste that has no additional use will be removed whereas reducing the output to manageable compact bars. During this method any dirt, rocks are removed, effort one chunk of gold. The ensuing mixture is brought up as dore bars. Gold doré bars purity

The most reason for form dore bars is to assist handling by presently managing larger chunks of auriferous amalgam, instead of loose particles. The gold bars are pure enough and enormous enough for gold refineries to handle. These bars are simple to handle as compared to having all types of different loose stuff. gold dore bars buyers

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