Rough Diamonds Wholesale

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Rough Diamonds Wholesale

Rough Diamonds are always special and are considered valuable when it comes to using them in making jewelries. When you think of buying these exclusive products, you should consider purchasing them from the trusted and reliable vendors only. And who can be better than Bulk Gold Bars which boasts of offering high-quality rough diamonds?

Unlike other gold and diamond exporters we provide best quality Raw uncut diamonds at the cheapest price possible. We listen to your specifications and deliver right according to your detailing. We know the value of money and offer rare products that you can’t find anywhere else. Our cutthroat price range always gets superimposed whenever it comes to quality. Rough Diamonds Wholesale


  • Available in several shapes and sizes
  • Manufactured per your need and requirements
  • High finishing and quality
  • Rough cuts in different dimensions
  • Untempered and jagged corners
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