Uncut Rough Diamonds For Sale

Our diamonds are 100% Natural – untreated and uncut as nature intended them to be! This lot is a run of mine meaning that you will have all the different types of diamonds.

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Uncut Rough Diamonds For Sale

Uncut Rough diamonds for sale are diamonds in their natural state, as they were removed from the depths of the earth and prior to undergoing the polishing process which lends the stone the glitter and luster that characterize diamonds in the eyes of the general public.

To the uneducated eye, rough diamonds look more like shards of glass washed up on the beach: They are oily and dull, and come in colors ranging from yellow through green to brown. Their price is lower than that of Polished Diamonds. In order to bring out the rough diamond’s breathtaking beauty, a professional polisher must first cut and polish the stone.

Only 20% of the diamonds produced annually are designated as gem-quality. Most of them are of inferior quality and are defined as industrial diamonds. For the most part, when speaking of rough diamonds we are referring to those stones defined as gem-quality diamonds.

All diamonds are uncut, natural diamonds that have not been polished. They are exactly as they emerged from the Earth – totally natural. All diamonds sold on this web site were obtained from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with all due Process requiring all uncut rough diamonds for sale to be sealed in tamper-proof containers at the point of origin to prevent smuggled conflict-diamonds from tainting the shipment.

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Natural Rough Diamonds For Sale

Bulkgoldbars.com has a broad inventory of Cuttables, Industrials, and Unique Uncut Rough Diamonds for sale sourced from many localities in Africa. We stock the full range of Shapes, Sizes, and Qualities of Natural Diamond Rough. You can buy single stones and parcels. Whether you seek Uncut Rough Diamonds for sale Crystals for Jewelry use, Gem-Quality Cuttable Diamond Crystals, a beautiful Diamond Rough Specimen, or Industrial Diamonds for tool making (and other technical uses), we are here for you!

For any questions regarding these products and services, please contact us directly.

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