Rough Diamonds

Our diamonds are 100% Natural – untreated and uncut as nature intended them to be! This lot is a run of mine meaning that you will have all the different types of diamonds.

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Rough Diamonds For Sale

Rough diamonds for sale are the unpolished diamonds. Since the value and natural beauty of diamonds is not unknown to people for which they are revered for. Rough Diamond is mostly used for raw and antique jewelry. Using rough diamonds in jewelry nowadays is growing trend. Rough Diamonds for Sale

Buy Raw & Uncut Diamonds Online

We supply high quality rough uncut diamonds of different color, clarity and weights

such as


COLOR: E, F, G, H, I,  of different.

We also have TOP WHITE diamond polished, please contact for details.

Our procedure is for the buyer to start with small order, then bigger and bigger to build long term cooperation.

Rough Uncut Diamonds For Sale

Usage: Setting on Jewelry, such as rings, ear rings, necklaces etc

Shape: Customized

Weight: 0.1ct ~1ct (customized)

Surface:need further polishing/cut for jewelry.

Buy Rough Diamonds Online From

Mode of calculation for the purchase of a rough diamond (all the prices below are false):

If someone would offer us a 5 carats rough diamond, for example, stone structureVS2 and G color.

The stone structure we will yield approximately 50 percent of the finished diamond:

5 carats (rough diamond) x 0.50 (50%) = 2.50 carats (polished diamond).

If we decide to cut the octahedron in half to yield two equal finished stones:

2.50 carats ÷ 2 = 1.25 carat (for each polished diamond).

The Rapaport value for a 1.25 carat, VS2, and G color is $2,500.00 per carat:

2,500 x 1.25 = $3,125.00 (for each stone).

This type of stone will yield 2 X 1.25 carat stones:

$6,250.00 (3,125 x 2).

We will discount the Rapaport value by 40 percent to obtain the wholesale market price Rough Diamonds for Sale:

1.25 x 2,500 x 0.60 (-40%) = $1,875.00 (for one diamond), total $3,750.00 (for two polished diamonds).

To obtain our purchase price for this rough diamond of 5 carats, it is necessary to apply a percentage which will correspond to our profit margin (on average it is best at 50%):

3,750 x 0.50 = $1,875.00 (this is our purchase price for this rough diamond).

The purchase price per carat for this rough diamond is:

1,875 ÷ 5 carats = $375.00 per carat.

Rough Diamond Suppliers in USA Hong Kong and China

The largest diamond (Cullinan) of all time was found in Cameroon in 1905. Cameroon is famous for diamond mining. A wide variety of Africa, USA, China, and Hong Kong rough diamond options are available to you on our website. Rough Diamonds for Sale

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